Everyone who uses a computer should be aware of the dos and don’ts.

1. Never put a liquid beverage, such as coffee, soft drinks, or water bottles, near a computer or computer workstation.
2. If you’re using a laptop computer, turn it off and then slowly turn it off after looking for any hard objects or other objects on the keyboard.
3. Ensure that your computer screen is clean on a regular basis.

4. If your computer is a laptop, keep a cooling fan near it.

5. Use a laptop bag to store your laptops. This item should not be handled with your hands.

6. If you’re not using your computer, don’t leave it on all the time.

7. When using CD/VCD/DVD discs, reinstall the drive, inspect the disc carefully, and gently insert it.

8. Make sure the USB heads are properly installed downstairs when using USB cables/sticks. To finish the installation, don’t rely on guesswork.

9. Do not post anything on a computer.

10. Never eat or drink at your computer.

11. Never stow computer chargers or power cords under the seat or on the sidewalk.

12. If you must use a computer in bed, make sure it is properly supported (air conditioning fan).

13. Clean the air vents/vents near computers with a soft brush on a regular basis.

15. Make sure your computer desk is high enough for you to keep your gaze fixed on the screen. Make it look like it’s going up, not down. It’s time to remedy your mistakes now that you’ve learned the dos and don’ts.