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For six months in a row, the Realme Watch has been India’s best-selling watch.

According to IDC, Realme’s debut watch, the Realme Watch, is one of the best-selling watches in India. Realme Watch is the most popular wearable gadget in India, according to IDC’s monthly wearable product sales report. Realme has a 22.1 percent market share in India’s wearable sector, according to an IDC report released in September.

For the second quarter in a row, Realme Watch is India’s best-selling product, according to IDC. In the second and third quarters of 2020, market share was 21.3 percent and 24.1 percent, respectively.

Realme Watch, the company’s first smartwatch, was released in May of last year. It has a 1.4-inch color display as well as a spO2 system. Technology for measuring heart rate is also provided. The Realme Watch is waterproof to IP68 and contains a 160mAh battery.

On a single charge, the watch is expected to last up to a week. Realme recently released the Realme Watch S smartwatch. It comes with 16 sports modes, as well as sleep tracking and music and camera controls.