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Frozen, Homemade, or Restaurant – Which Pizza Is Best?

Pizza is on the menu of many American families each week. You can buy it frozen, you can make your own or you can head out to the restaurant and let them serve you. Which option is the best for your budget and for your taste buds?

Frozen pizzas are plentiful. One visit to your local grocery store will prove this as fact. Most stores have a dedicated section in their frozen aisles for frozen pizzas. You can buy them thick, think or with rising crusts. You can buy them with just cheese, with traditional toppings or with gourmet toppings. There is no shortage of options when you buy a frozen pizza. Cost wise, frozen is not the most economical, with most pies costing between five and seven dollars each. Keep in mind that the contents are usually much smaller than the box!

Making pizza at home is not difficult, but it can be a bit time consuming. This is probably the most frugal option when you want to be able to have this on your menu on a regular basis. You can choose to purchase the dough or make your own, but keep in mind that purchasing the dough makes the process much less economical. If you find a good dough recipe, stick with it. Additionally, you can make your own sauce for pennies a pie. Homemade pizzas can taste terrific if you use quality ingredients and stick to your favorite toppings. With some trial and error you can find your perfect “signature” homemade taste.

There is something to be said about how good pizza tastes from your favorite pizzeria. Few home cooks can replicate the exact taste, and many times the extra cost is well worth it. What is amazing is that pizzerias all produce the same types of products, but tastes vary so much between them. You can expect to pay more per pie (usually $10-15 each for large pies), so if you are on a budget or feeding a large family you will likely have to consider how often to eat out. Pizzerias offer what home cooks and frozen food aisles cannot: a consistent taste that has you coming back for more.

One thing to consider is that each of these options has their place. Frozen pies are great for busy weekday nights when you do not have the time or energy to cook. They are also terrific for college students who need something to get them through that late-night study session. Some people prefer homemade goods because they know exactly what ingredients go into them and they can tweak the recipes to meet specific nutritional needs. Eating out in a restaurant offers a chance to relax and savor every bite, while enjoying conversation with your friends and family.

Regardless of which option you choose, you cannot really go wrong. Find the option that works for you and your budget, then let your taste buds decide which one you like best.