How to Check a Laptop Battery’s Health

Here’s a battery health check for laptop users. When should you change your battery? Check the battery’s health for usage, lifetime, and when it should be changed. You’ll be well-versed on the subject of batteries.

Press the Windows key and R together in the Run box, then type cmd or PowerShell. You can also find it by putting cmd or PowerShell into the search field. In the Cmd or Powershell Prompt, type powercfg / battery report and press Enter.

You can see which HTML files were saved where in the Battery Life Report. This is usually sent to C: Users Username as an HTML file.

By viewing the HTML file with this browser icon, you can check the battery, the machine model, and when and how much it is used.

Next, open Cmd or Powershell as an administrator and type powercfg -energy at the prompt to determine the cause of the battery problem. Look at the details in the Energy Report HTML file in C: Windows System32 to show the user how much information is available.

Make any necessary corrections. In the image below, there are even six inaccuracies. Unnecessarily, some of them have been disabled, resulting in a battery failure.