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If you’ve misplaced your phone, how can you get it back?

Your phone could be lost or stolen in the blink of an eye. In today’s society, our phones store a multitude of vital information. As a result, you may be more likely to forget important information rather than buying a replacement if you misplace one.

1. Be prepared to leave.

Yes. Make sure your phone is unlocked and cannot be unlocked with random passwords before it is taken, because prevention is better than cure. The fingerprint mechanism also performs admirably. Face recognition should be taken with caution. Each software should have its own password, which is much better.

2. Turn on the Find My Device feature.

If you misplace your phone, this is how you can get it back. Set the location of your phone to Find My Device. If some phones are unable to identify my device, you can either use the Google website or download and activate it from the Google Play Store.

You must link your Gmail account on your phone to Google. Google will show you where your phone is if you search for “Find My Device.” The negative is that you must have internet access on your phone, and without you have internet access, the other party will be unable to locate you.

3. The “Find My Phone” feature from Samsung

Both Google’s Find My Device and Samsung’s Find My Mobile are accessible on Samsung phones. Find My Mobile not only backs up your files, but it also has a few other functions that Find My Device doesn’t have. On Samsung, you can trace the position of your phone and see if the SIM card has been changed.

4. Samsung device users

It is necessary for you to click on the link. This isn’t just an app; you’ll need to use a browser or a PC on a different phone to access it. After you’ve signed in to your Samsung account, tap the left screen of your phone. The phone’s location will be plotted on a map. The menu will appear on the right screen of the phone.

When the lock is triggered, a message shows on the lock screen claiming that it has been stolen or lost. In addition, cash transactions using the Samsung pay card will be phased away. The most crucial thing is to keep the phone from shutting down, as this is its main benefit over other Android devices.

Touch the Track location button to activate it after your phone’s position has moved. Finally, you can turn off Extend battery life and almost everything else on your phone save for identifying your location.