Samsung is gradually removing chargers and headphones from newer smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Series, as well as future Samsung phones, are believed to be devoid of a charger. In the Galaxy S21 case, Samsung does not offer a charger. Samsung will no longer support chargers on smartphones, according to Gizmochina.

The charger and earbuds were removed from the case for the same reason that Apple did. Due to environmental concerns, Samsung has opted to remove the wired headphone and charger from the casing.

Existing Galaxy accessories are being reused. They are also making environmentally conscious decisions to encourage the practice of recycling in their daily lives. To support the Galaxy community, we’re trying to remove the charger plug and earbuds from our latest Galaxy devices in this section. Samsung has made an announcement.

Since 2017, Samsung has used USB-C Type charging connections on its Galaxy gadgets. The old chargers are expected to work with new Samsung phones starting in 2021. A charger will be included with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Note 10. Newer Samsung phones, on the other hand, will no longer include a charger or earphones.