Britney Spears worried about losing custody of dogs after husband files for divorce

Britney Spears is worried about losing custody of her dogs after husband Sam S. Garry filed for divorce. Sam and Brittany have a Doberman named Pusha and an Australian Shepherd named Saura.

“The hardest part about any asset division between Brittany and Sam will be their two dogs,” a source told the Daily Mail.

“But Sam gave Pusha to Brittany as a gift, and it was Brittany who wanted to adopt Saura while they were in Hawaii,” he said.

In October 2021, Sam presented Brittany with a posher. At the time, Sam said in an Instagram video, “This dog will be trained to protect Brittany from those who approach her with bad intentions, as a sign of her absolute love for Brittany.”

Saura came to their family in March. “Just like in my dream, I met Sarah on the island of Maui. We immediately brought him home when we met,” Britney said on social media at the time.

Poster Britney Spears and husband Sam S. Garry have ended their marriage after 14 months, according to US media, after they had a fight over rumors that Britney Spears was cheating.

“Sam and I haven’t been together very long. I was a little shocked. Honestly, it’s nobody’s business so I’m not going to explain it,” Brittany said