Harry eye was injure because of thrown object in Austria

An object was thrown into the eye of singer Harry Styles on stage at a concert in Austria

Once in the habit of throwing objects on stage when the singer was performing, now British singer Harry Styles is being noticed for throwing objects while singing.

member of One Direction; Harry Styles, 29 years old on the night of July 8 in Austria. He performed in the capital Vienna and experienced it while playing.

Harry Stiles winced in pain and had to cover his eyes with his hand. The event was filmed by fans. One Twitter user said: “Why are people doing this? I paid some money and sat in the front row to do these things. You let me down,” he commented.

Another said: “They just shot in the face. Why? I can’t understand a thing,” he said.

Singers have faced similar incidents before Harry Styles. Last month, during a performance in New York, a member of the crowd threw a phone on stage, slamming Bieber in the face.

According to the video of the incident, Bibi fell to her knees after being punched in the face. The stage staff rushed to help her. The wound was slightly stitched up at the hospital and Bibi posted pictures of the eye injury on Instagram and joked: “He’s fine.”

The same thing happened on June 20 during the performance of American singer-songwriter Avram. Avemars was punched in the face on stage.

What’s more special is singer Pink’s turn. During Pink’s performance at the Summer Times concert in the UK, a fan threw a plastic bag containing her mother’s ashes onto the stage. It is unclear which style Harry chose.