It is likely that BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga will perform at the dinner attended by the presidents of the United States and South Korea

month, South Korean President Yoon Soo-yo will visit the United States, and during this trip, famous singers from both countries, South Korean and American authorities are planning a cultural exchange event for artists.

President Yoon Soo-yo’s visit to the United States is scheduled for the end of April, and for President Yoon and his wife, Kim Geun-hee, who will come to the United States for the first time in 12 years, US President Joe Biden and his wife have planned a state dinner ceremony. About 300 prominent Koreans and Americans from the fields of politics, business, and culture will attend the ceremony.

BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga are rumored to be the main performers at the event, and if the news is true, it will be an event that will be watched with interest just like the meeting between the two top presidents.

Regarding the possibility of a joint performance between BLACKPINK and Gaga at the dinner to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the US-Korea alliance, a diplomatic source said, “They are people who support each other’s music. Due to the advice of the US ambassador, discussions are being held between the White House and the Korean presidential office.”

President Biden himself expressed his interest in K-pop popularity at a joint press conference following the 2021 US-South Korea summit.

BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga co-created the song “Sour Candy” 2020. Released in May, the song appeared on Gaga’s Chromatica album.

The selection of those who will attend the dinner ceremony is the responsibility of the host country, the United States. It is also reported that the actors from the world famous series Squid Game are on the guest list. BLACKPINK will also participate in the Coachella Music Festival in the United States in April.