Lee Sungi donates to KAIST to support scientific advances

Lee Sungi donates to KAIST to support scientific advances

South Korean actor Lee Sung Gi is said to have donated a generous amount of money to the Korea Institute for Science and Technology Development (KAIST).

After reports emerged that Lee Seung-gi had donated money to KAIST, the organization that leads Korea’s competitive future in science and technology development, KAIST said in a statement, “It is true that it is. Lee Seung-gi donated 300 million won ($245,200) to KAIST.”

On February 3, Lee Sungi attended the KAIST Development Fund approval ceremony held inside the faculty’s Dogong campus.

Last November, Lee Seung Gi published a letter asking his longtime partner Hook Entertainment to disclose his earnings.

A statement from Dispatch later stated that Songgi did not receive any digital music profits from Hook Entertainment, although Hook Entertainment had previously denied the allegations.

However, the company’s chief executive officer issued an apology after Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative issued a further statement regarding Hook Entertainment’s statement. In December, the company raised money for Lee Seunggi, and Lee Seunggi promised to donate all of his thoughts and earnings on Instagram.

The recent donation to KAIST is Lee Sungi’s third donation from his salary. At the end of 2022, Lee Seung-gi donated two billion won ($1.6 million) to Seoul National University Children’s Hospital, and on his birthday in January, he donated 550 million won ($442,500) to the Korean Red Cross.