Taylor Swift gave $100,000 as bonus to touring truck drivers

Taylor Swift offers $100,000 to touring truck drivers

Taylor Swift gave every truck driver an extra $100,000 bonus while on tour in the US.

For the Eras Tour, drivers who had to transport items around the United States received a bonus from Switzerland, assuming there were 50 drivers and they had to pay $5 million.

It was also the end of the US tour before the Mexico tour.

In addition, Swiss team members, dancers, lighting and sound technicians; Employees participating in the tours, including those in charge of refreshments, are also rewarded handsomely.

Western Washington University geology professor said that during a concert in Seattle, Switzerland, the support of the crowd caused an earthquake with a magnitude of 23. An earthquake expert said.

The vibrations measured during the Eras Tour performance that took place at Lumen Field on July 22 and 23 were caused by Swiss fans. Or because of the sound system, the seismologist says. 144,000 people attended the two-night concert. There have been such earthquakes in the past due to musical performances.