The Weeknd, also an actor and co-producer of the Idol Episode said he expected to be criticized

The Weeknd, also an actor and co-producer of the Idol Episode said he expected to be criticized.

He is also a co-producer of the HBO series The Idol, which has received rave reviews. Canadian singer The Weeknd, who also plays the actor, opened up about his feelings.

The six-episode series follows the complicated relationship between pop singers and the entertainment world, starring The Weeknd and Lily Rose Depp (Johnny Depp’s daughter).

This is also the first foreign drama to feature Blackpink’s Janney, and it has been mentioned since the beginning of Episode 1. Lily starred in George Slim. Jenny is a friend of George Slin. He plays dancer Diane. However, the audience criticized the film for many nude scenes, even Hollywood Reporter magazine said that it was rare for a scene where Lily was not nude.

However, in an interview with Variety, The Weeknd said he was expecting a response from the audience. “That’s not unusual. It’s almost an educational story about what happens when you’re very successful. The people around you seem like nice people, but you don’t know the true intentions. What’s theirs,” said The Weeknd, who said. Play the role of a nightclub owner.

The Weeknd revealed that one of the goals of filming The Idol was to give audiences a different perspective on success, and thankfully the people around him were people he’d known most of his life.

Not only that, Janney was also criticized, although this is a role decided and agreed by Janney herself, fans expressed dissatisfaction with the management company, saying that Blackpink’s management company allowed it. or not.