Yuain’s friend, a YouTuber, admitted to using drugs

Yuain’s friend, a YouTuber, admitted to using drugs and authorities are investigating the other three.

According to Allkpop, a YouTuber friend of Yoo In was also prosecuted during the investigation of the drug use case of Korean star Yoo In.

A popular YouTuber with about 320,000 subscribers, he was caught using marijuana in the United States with four acquaintances, including Yuain, last January.

He himself admitted most of the suspicions during the interrogation.

Initially, Uain was propofo, Cannabis cocaine Kitamine He was suspected of using only five drugs, including zopidem, but is now being examined as a user of more than seven drugs.

In addition to the YouTuber friend, the authorities arrested another friend of Yuain (an art school graduate); Another YouTuber and a US citizen are also being investigated as suspects. Police suspect another YouTuber has fled to France after being forced by Uain to avoid payment.

Yua In is someone who cares about details when it comes to work, both co-stars and others. He is admired and respected by directors. He appeared in Hellbound Season 1, but now that he is on trial, he will not appear in Season 2.