Lisa chose Egypt as the country she most wanted to visit after her world tour

Lisa, a member of a dating group, has been to most of the countries, but plans to visit a country she has never been to with her family.

As the current BLACKPINK’s Born Pink world tour, Lisa will tour North America, He has visited Asia and Europe.

In an interview with Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore magazine, when asked where Lisa’s next adventure would be (after her world tour), she answered that she wanted to go somewhere she had never been. But Lisa said it will be a place she and her family have never been before.

Lisa’s most interesting country is a country rich in culture and historical sites. “It doesn’t have to be a trip around the world. “If it’s in a country I’ve never been to, I’d especially like to go to Egypt,” he answered. Lisa is also eager to go to Egypt for vacation this year.

The Born Pink concerts will continue until June, and will perform again on May 27-28 in Bangkok, Lisa’s hometown. Having already performed in Bangkok in January, the show was extended as Lisa promised to reunite with her hometown fans.

Taiwan in March He will tour the Philippines and plan to perform in Singapore in May.