Song Hye-ko and Kim Tae-hee may be among the South Korean stars who will dominate the year 2023

Kim Tae Hee and Song Hye Ko are likely to continue their impressive success this year. After 20 years of artistic journey, the two have the title of the queens of the Korean acting world.

The Glory episode Part 2, featuring Song Hye-ko as a rarely seen character, is one of the most awaited episodes of 2023, and Song Hye-ko’s cold and hard acting in the story has matched the audience’s favorite.

Ever since Netflix started showing Part 1 on December 30th, the viewing rates have been high not only in Korea but also abroad, and the fans are not satisfied with the announcement that Part 2 will be shown in March.

Song Hye Ko will also be seen in The Master of Confession, a drama about two women who work together to solve a murder. The next actress is likely to be Han So Hee.

Kim Tae Hee, who has been absent from the acting industry for three years since the release of Hi, Bye Mama, will return in 2023 with the series A House With A Yard, and will attract people with a role that is different from before.